How to use essential oils in your home

  • 05.10.2018

Tuli A Tuli loves  fragrant world.  And we'd love to scent it completely because we know that a pleasant smell can do far more than just affect the sensory cells.

Behind a beautiful scent are Terpenes – a diverse class of organic compounds that are plant based.  They serve to communicate with the environment in nature. Plants either attract insects or, on the contrary, repel pests sensitive to these fragrances. In the same way they affect our noses. The nose registers them and sends a signal to the brain, which evaluates whether they are pleasant or not, hence coordinating other processes that stimulate the body and mind.

Thanks to the steam distillation process, they are the primary constituents of essential oils that are widely used in medicine, natural healing, cosmetics or in drugstores.   

The use of natural essential oils in our products is significant. With their help, our body is cleansed  and harmonized, and gives the body a feeling of freshness, relaxation after a tough day. Essential oils even repel stinging insects if you choose to take a walk in the countryside.

We have expanded our selection of natural essential oils with a number of new products and today you can choose from over fifty kinds of scented miracles of nature. For your general information to get the best out of essential oils, we wrote down some tips.


As soon as you enter your home with a scent of cinnamon and orange is very pleasant, encouraging visitors to enter the room with peace and ease.  Orange has an uplifting effect, relieves anxiety and enhances mood. Cinnamon stimulates memory centers in the brain and evokes the warmth of our home, moments of companionship and human proximity typical of Christmas.

Make a simple diffuser. Put a handful of rice into a bowl, sprinkle with cinnamon and orange essential oils and place, for example, in the entrance hall or on the porch.


The power of nature handles everything, for example a dirty kitchen.  For removing oil stains, an unpleasant smell of burns or dry spots in the kitchen or on dishes, citrus essential oils work well. All citrus oils in our range (grapefruit, orange, lemon, and bergamot), thanks to their antibacterial and disinfecting properties, can easily handle large spring cleaning and, in addition, repel insects. A citrus household guarantees that flies and mosquitoes do not enter your home.

Add 3-10 drops of lemon or orange essential oil to 0.5l water or white vinegar, mix well and create a house cleanser to clean objects and surfaces. Mix essential oil with vegetable oil and use it to clean wooden furniture.


If you add a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil to your detergent, true freshness and cleanliness will reign in your bathroom. Significant antibacterial effects of eucalyptus essential oil dissolve the microcosm of impurities in a gentle breath of nature, and in addition, by inhaling, it will support your immune system and bronchus.

In case mold occurs in your bathroom or anywhere in the house, one of the most effective methods for killing it is tea tree essential oil. Dilute this oil with water (1 tsp. in 2 cups of water), and use a spray bottle to apply it to affected areas.


If anyone knows about getting a good night sleep, then they are definitely French.  Lavender, the purple jewel among plants, comes from France, and due to its intense aroma is used to help fall asleep by millions of people around the world. Essential lavender oil is well known for its sleep inducing effects and as shown by many research studies, it can improve sleep quality significantly. Lavender Oil also helps to reduce headaches, depression, nervousness and various psychological problems.

Add 10 drops of Lavender oil to 300ml of distilled water, shake well and spray onto bed sheets, your teddy bears, or other favorite places near the bed. Then you just need to inhale peacefully and allow a good night to regenerate your body and mind. If you are worried about mosquitoes and spiders, try a similar recipe with mint essential oil.

For a better bedroom life, add ylang-ylang essential oil to your detergent. In addition to its antiseptic properties, it has been known for its aphrodisiac effects for centuries. In today's world, dominated by stress, workaholism and other civilization diseases, even well-functioning relationships lack energy and sexual appetite.

Use Ylang-Ylang essential oil in a spray bottle as advised in a previous tip and spray the mixture on a pillow. You can also add a few drops to massage oil for an intimate massage. To enhance and deepen the intense floral aroma, we recommend adding the same amount of sandalwood oil to the massage oil.

Other essential aphrodisiac oils include Cedar, Neroli or Patchouli, which you can also find in our selection. You will certainly find the most effective essence into which Amore dips its arrows. We wish you a pleasant time discovering this!

These are a few tips from us. We are convinced that you won’t be afraid to experiment when discovering the rich world of fragrances and may become captivated by these essential oils and aromatherapy.