For Children

Essential oils became very popular for use in our homes. However these oils were used before diffuser came to market, essential oils were used as remedies for all kinds of health issues. There are some that are sutable for our little ones too. In case of teething or sleeplessness pure essential oils work miracles. Display full description

Just keep in mind  that essential oils should ne applied undiluted on child's skin and absolute no go is indigestion. Diffuse essential oils in aroma lamp, bowl with hot water or diffuser.

For child's sleep improvement use Lavender, Chamomille, Tangerine or Orange. You can use the same essential oils also in case of teething. If respiratory discomfort occures use Eukalyptus or Frankincense. You may also make a tummy massage with diluted Lavander oil (1drop) with any carrier oil (1 tablespoon) for colic relieve.