Foundation for everything is nature

 We in Tuli a Tuli value the mother Earth. In any process that occurs in our company, we think primarily of the environment and then of simplicity and profit.


Organic raw materials and ecological production

 We are looking for producers of raw materials that have organic certificates so we can guarantee that the raw materials have been grown with respect to the environment and without the use of any chemicals. All our products are hand-cooked on the stove and without the use of unnecessary technologies, chemicals, dyes, silicones and surfactants. Our cosmetics are not perfumed but by nature. After you open the product, you get the raw materials or 100% natural essential oils. Our products are organic and therefore do not need to be tested on animals.


Glass packaging

 Natural cosmetics in glass packaging has been a clear choice for us. We consider glass to be the most environmentally friendly material, since it is recyclable. That is why we use it as much as we can.


Waste management and logistics

 Most of the packaging material that comes to us with the raw materials will be reused so that it will not be dumped into the landfill. Separation of residual waste is of course natural.

 Creating and processing waste is an age-old problem of progress. It is largely the result of industrial production and it is not easy to avoid it. Each order from the warehouse to the customer goes through a long journey, during which the goods must be protected and packed sufficiently. Often, a single order contains a multitude of surplus packaging with disposable recycling, not to mention the spent and burnt energy needed for reliable delivery. Packages to our customers are packed with no unnecessary plastic. We do not use bubble foil, plastic packaging and filler material, and plastic adhesive tapes. We do not mail the invoice, we send it by email.

 It is also very important that whoever delivers your order and also our partner in transport follows the same principles as we do. Our exclusive carrier in Slovakia is DPD, which, from May 2015, has been the first to deliver the electric vans of Voltia eNV200 Maxi with zero emissions to deliver in Slovak cities. This step is part of their corporate strategy, called DrivingChange ™, which has led them to reduce their emissions to zero.