Matthew Bubble - for children & newborn

Waiting for a new member of the family, the period of babyhood - small and at the same time those huge first steps of a toddler; both pregnancy and maternity bring one unique moment after another. We are very well aware of all this too! Display full description

Ultimately, if it was not for our children, the idea to produce healthy and natural Tuli a Tuli cosmetics would never have come to life. Thanks to our son, we bravely began to look for product recipes that would help his skin to be smooth, firm and full of nutrients. Today, we can safely say that we provide skin care for our little ones that prevent or reduce the impact of diaper rash or generally sensitive baby skin. Our natural children's cosmetics is also named after Matthew: Matthew Bubble.

In this range, you can find our most effective and successful natural baby care products under the Matthew Bubble brand name; natural after bath baby oil and natural oil for diaper rash.