Tuli a Tuli works closely with NPO Vstúpte,n.o.

Lenka Petrovičová is a teacher for children with special needs and her primary job was as a coordinator for NPO Vstúpte, n.o. - a facility for people with mental disabilities in Malacky. Working with special needs clients has changed her for life, in a very positive way.

When Lenka left on maternity leave, she had no idea what would happen next, and that her new mission in Tuli a Tuli would become her new occupation. Her heart, however, stayed with Vstúpte, and she was left wondering how the special needs facility and Tuli a Tuli could cooperate.  

Our first step was the handmade production of Tuli a Tuli aroma oil lamps by the special needs clients.  

This is very exciting for us and we have a plan to continue to cooperate and to provide similar such work to other individuals from the special needs facility.  

By the way, are you aware that Vstúpte has a beautiful shop in Malacky called "Things with Soul” where you can buy their handmade products?