The desirability and richness of this rare essence spread through the world during discovery voyages on the seas. As the common name suggests, hot orange oil comes from sunny Italy, where it was made famous in the 17th century by Italian Princess Anne - Marie de la Tremoille from Neroli.

The bitter orange tree originally comes from China, where its flowers have been used since time immemorial in medicine and cosmetics, but also in wedding ceremonies. Its fruits are inedible due to their marked bitterness, but thanks to its incredibly rich aroma, the tree spread throughout the Eurasian continent over the centuries, until it was brought to the Mediterranean in the 10th century by Arab conquerors.

Our essential oil neroli is produced by steam distillation which is more affordable than enflouration, with no significant differences in quality. We have also added it to our skin cream, which is suitable for all skin types. It supports the formation of new cells and maintains the natural elasticity of skin, therefore the natural skin cream from Ťuli A Ťuli can also be considered anti-aging. It soothes sensitive skin, can reduce cracked veins and heal acne. Due to its sublime aroma, we have also used it to enrich our natural shower gels.

Delight your loved ones with our products infused with neroli essence, and help them to feel rejuvenated.