Two simple words- incredible freshness. This somewhat citrusy herb contains energizing tones of green meadows while also possessing healing power that brings pleasure to the human senses. Originating in the Mediterranean region, it dominates specific climates, those with an overpowering dry and warm summer and light moist winter, ones without extreme temperature changes. 

Since travelling to a garden or a meadow can be quite a journey for some of us, we wanted to bring the openness and breeziness of gardens and meadows to you. From now on you can reach for nature in your bathroom, and it’s up to you if you decide to start or end your day with our products enriched with Melissa. Its citrusy scent can help to kickstart your day in combination with a lukewarm shower, while the leafier undertones can alleviate headaches or help with peaceful sleep. 

As you can see, this herb has enormous potential in natural cosmetics. Try our products with Melissa essential oil or gift them to your loved ones.