Fruity Aromas

A basket full of fruit can bring a smile to anyone's face. Fruits contain a huge amount of vitamins and consuming them can help nourish our skin. This is our world and the world of Tuli a Tuli customers. If you have no idea how to use sweetness to nourish your body, then this is the category for you. You will find products for everyday use, such as natural shower gels, shampoos and lip balms. Display full description

 Above all, these products are made for maximum softness and tenderness which will be appreciated even by the most sensitive skin. The fruit components come from natural extracts, so these products are also suitable for use by eczema and allergy sufferers. Unlike essential oils, fruit extracts are not irritating even with more frequent use. Their sweet fragrance will be loved by your children too; both our shower gel and shampoo wild strawberries have also been certified and can be used for children from birth.