Damask Rose

When we talk about Damascus rose and rose water, the most famous product made from its leaves, the stories of the famous ruler Cleopatra come to life with it. She allegedly bathed in it daily and washed her face with it. Although the Damascus rose itself was not bred until the reign of the last rulers of the emperors of new Persia, it is impossible not to think of the legendary ruler of the world at that time, who even turned the head of Caesar himself. 

Although even regular use of this healing essence with antidepressant effects did not prevent her from suicidal thoughts, there are many reasons to believe that the rose water kept her skin radiant and earned her the title of "most beautiful woman of all time".

Contemporary Persians bred this unique miracle of nature, the effects, smell and taste of which have pampered our senses for two thousand years. We would therefore like to continue this age-old tradition at Tuli a Tuli and continue to spread its beneficial effects for the mind, skin and the whole body by including it in several of our products.