Chamomile or folk chamomile is an inconspicuous annual plant, which means that it can complete its entire life cycle from germination to demise in a single year. This may seem like a really short life span, but in that time it manages to grow into one of the most useful medicinal plants in nature. Knowledge of its many uses has been passed down from generation to generation, and keeping up tradition, we would love to introduce you to this section, so that this natural healing force will never be forgotten.

The active ingredients in chamomile essential oil, which form the medicinal component in our fragrant products, are mainly flavonoids, terpenes, but especially the isomer of naphthalene and azulene. Thanks to this, chamomile silica has significant anti-inflammatory effects as well as a beautiful bluish color. We added this miracle product into our cream because of its hydrating and calming effects which soothe irritated skin and also help to heal acne.

Let your body be pampered with our products enriched with chamomile, now available for you under the category Chamomile.