The camphor tree carries a lot of medicinal history. Some camphor trees, which can be found in their natural environment in Japan and in certain areas of China or Taiwan, have been growing among us for more than a thousand years. Display full description

In traditional cultures, camphor was used to embalm the dead, but it is best known for its life-giving power. Our grandparents commonly used camphor ointment to reduce inflammation by rubbing painful areas with it, and woodsmen around the world repelled insects with its pungent scent on nature walks.

Camphor essential oil is produced by steam distillation of bark and camphor wood. For decades, its synthetic counterpart has been produced from the wood of certain pine trees, but at Tuli a Tuli we offer a healthier and more effective camphor essential oil. Its effectiveness in medicine and cosmetics lies in the fact that it can stimulate nerve endings to relieve pain and itchy skin. Additionally, its antibacterial and anti fungal properties should be familiar for people suffering from moldy feet.

Today this treasure of southeastern Asia is hidden under our wooden shower gel and shampoo lids and we have also included it in our growing range of natural essential oils at Tuli a Tuli. Thanks to this and many other essential oils healthier and younger skin is at your fingertips.