Aroma diffuser SAMUDRA CRYSTAL powered by battery

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Product description

Tuli A Tuli exclusively offers the unique SAMUDRA CRYSTAL – an Aroma diffuser powered by battery. Made from authentic Oak wood and comes with a glass cover and water tank.

This aroma diffuser uses ultrasound waves for instant water diffusion with essential oils in the tank, creating a cool and fragrant mist. Relax after a busy day, or remove dust and unwanted smells from any room, or even treat yourself to a sound night of sleep engulfed in a beautiful fragrance. This diffuser will become a nice decoration in your house/office thanks to its special design.

Natural material - no plastic. The base is Oak wood and the water tank and cover are made of glass.
Possibility to change LED Light.
USB charging with an implanted battery.
Unique function Super Silence.
Smart systems avoid the risk of low water levels.

Technical parameters
117x128 mm
Weight (without adapter)
approximately 540 g
Anastomose : Input / Output
AC 100-240V 50 / 60Hz / DC 5V / 1A
Capacity of the water tank
80 ml
LED Light
Wood & Glass
Sound Level (dB)
35 dB
Ultrasonic bearing
3,5 MHz
3,5 W
Battery capacity
3 400 mAh
Max. lasting
~3 h

Country of Origin


Tuli A Tuli Laboratories s. r. o., Pezinská 5104, Malacky 901 01

List of allergens
A list of allergens that may cause a skin allergic reaction in some sensitive individuals. Pursuant to Section 49 of the European Parliament and Council Regulation (EC) 1223/2009 on cosmetic products.

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