Cocoa Butter

Do you know which ingredients are the best for your skin? Of course the ones that you’d gladly eat too. Our skin is the largest organ, which, in addition to covering our body, contains countless small mouths - pores. These, together with our real mouth, help to get into the body life-giving substances beneficial for nutrition and the proper functioning of the whole body.

We consume cocoa butter all our lives, even though we don't even realize it. It is a natural component of cocoa beans, from which after being finely crushed, it is subsequently extracted by pressing.

But why is it so popular in cosmetics? There is more than one answer to that but ultimately cocoa butter contains several saturated and unsaturated fatty acids and polyphenols, which can literally work wonders under the skin. They smooth the skin, renew collagen fibers and have antioxidant effects. They also help in the treatment of chronic skin diseases such as dermatitis or many types of eczema.

We could write article after article about this natural remedy but the best proof can be experienced by you on your own skin. The unbelievable sweetness of cocoa fragrance is well known to all of us from childhood, but now it’s your body's turn to try it out. If you’d like to be just as natural, fresh and healthy, try one of our products. Many of our clients already know, because of their own experience and have also recommended these products as a healing support of atopic eczema. 

This was the starting ingredient of the whole journey of Tuli a Tuli, and although the atopic eczema is something of the past, we keep this ingredient in mind for many of our healing products.